7 Tips How To Learn Audio Mixing

Learn Audio Mixing Tips

If you are looking for free learning of audio mixing to start your audio production, considering that you learned the ear training by yourself. Youtube is the number one source for your mixing journey. But, because of the bunch of video tutorials and teaching on different topics, you are now confused, and you don’t understand how it works to create your flow style of mixing. Either you miss the real value of the said tutorial, or you got to use it in the wrong ways. If you are one of these and not sure about what you do, I have a small piece of advice and information for you!

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4 Classic Reasons Why Mixing Paralysis Exist

newbie mixing paralysis

When I started mixing, the first thing I learn is to prepare a mix template with only EQ and Compressor plugins, knowing that I still a lot of extra plugins in my arsenal, I was so excited to use it and hear it into my mix output.

I started adding plugins and start selecting which one is best to curve the sounds or to fix issues, at first it sounded fine, go along doing that I found myself getting harder to get what I want, every time I add plugins, it took a lot of time until I re-do it again from the start. If you found yourself like this, this blog is for you!

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The 3 Sure-Fire Ways Toward Effective Mixing

Importance of Ear Training for Effective Mixing

One of the most important senses that you should keep clear especially when mixing music is the ear. Well, not only for the newbie, it’s a no brainer, dapat talaga maging kabisado ito ng pandinig mo. Ang mga tamang frequency ng bawat instrumento at ang dynamic ng bawat isa.

Sabi nga… you have to trust your ears, this only shows that critical listening is very much important. Dahil gamit na gamit talaga ang tenga sa ganitong uri ng industriya, kaya naman kailangan talaga ng mga tenga natin ang tinatawag na muscle memory, praktis sa tenga o Ear Training.

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6 Rules of Mixing Even Dumbest Newbie Will Understand

When most people think about mixing a song, they immediately think it’s something really complicated. Mixing a song is not rocket science. It’s all about simple steps that become simple processes. Once you understand this, you will not be overwhelmed by any mixing job.

Kahit sabihin pa nating malawak na ang iyong experience sa mga live mixing, admit it, may ibang dicipline ang DAW mixing. May mga pagkakataon naman na nasosobrahan tayo sa pag-gamit ng mga plug-ins na hindi naman kailangan. Kaya naman nandito ang mga simple but usefull guidelines na kailangan nating malaman bago umpisahan ang mixing.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Mixing

Know the Sound Mix of your Genre

Before start mixing, you should know the sound of your genres. Kailangan muna nating kilalanin kung saang genre ba tayo, and also how it sounds like, hinding hindi maliligaw ang mix sound mo halimbawa; metal rock prominent drums and guitars pantay lang ang vocals dapat iba rin sa pop na prominent ang boses, bass and kick. Try to listen on mixing that has the same genre as you.

Do Proper Gain Staging Before Rough Mix

Every mixing job should begin with some planning and understanding of the task ahead. To start, “Do start some work on gain!” it comes very easy to set the individual gain on at least a maximum of 75% in the level meter. Then listen and rough balance to the entire tracks as a whole without any EQ and dynamic processing. Importante sa lahat ang mag umpisa na may tamang gain structure kaysa mag fix sa huling part ng mix. Make a task list.. dahil sa rough mix mo rin maririnig ang track dapat mong pagtuunan ng pansin sa editing.

Do not Overuse Your Plug-ins

Plug-ins can revolutionize your mix, they take input signal, work sound controlled and balanced on various tracks, and of course, provide punchy output. Pero lahat ng sobra nakakasama. Kaya naman ang sobrang pag-gamit ng plug-in ay nakakaliit ng tunog. As much as possible gamitin lang kung kinakailangan, to minimize using plug-ins record it right at the source to avoid falling out from creativity.

Do Not Ignore the DAW Automation Features

There are that the most important tools are being ignored. Automation features of DAW are indeed useful, it can help generate feel and momentum to your music that connects the verse and chorus through the bridge section of the song. Learn how to use them, isa itong final tools para sa mas marinig pang lalo ang iyong mga fill-in hooks sa sound mixing.

Compare Your Mix to those Inspiring Pro CD Mix

Mastered tracks or reference CD mix are the standards, but you don’t need to copy them anyway. Kapag meron kanang output, try to compare it with those inspiring Pro Audio CD Mix, dahil dito ka matututo to make the best balance mix in terms of tonal, EQ, dynamics and depth. Minsan sa kagustuhan nating maging unique, nakakalimutan na natin ang mga references na kailangan parin nating pakinggan. All professional studio mixers still listen to industry standard mix.

Audition Your Mix into different Consumer Speaker System

If you want to hear how your mixes really sound like, do a sampling A-B test between your CD reference mix and your final mix. Pwede mo pakinggan sa car stereo, boombox, bluetooth speaker, etc., bukod sa dahil yan ang madalas gamitin ng mga taong nakikinig sa music, dito mo rin maririnig ang aktuwal na tunog ng iyong mix. Pakinggan sa ibat-ibang volume level para malaman mo kung may pagbabago sa balanse ng tunog kumpara pa rin sa iyong reference CD mix.

Mas madaling mong makukuha ang direksyon ng mixing kung aware ka sa mga dapat mong gawin. If you were just starting or even a seasoned on mixing, just follow this guide kung paano maisasagawa ng tama – for better and faster results.

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