4 Classic Reasons Why Mixing Paralysis Exist

newbie mixing paralysis

When I started mixing, the first thing I learn is to prepare a mix template with only EQ and Compressor plugins, knowing that I still a lot of extra plugins in my arsenal, I was so excited to use it and hear it into my mix output.

I started adding plugins and start selecting which one is best to curve the sounds or to fix issues, at first it sounded fine, go along doing that I found myself getting harder to get what I want, every time I add plugins, it took a lot of time until I re-do it again from the start. If you found yourself like this, this blog is for you!

I selected some mixing traps that I found and my taking action to be more productive.

1. Choice paralysis – most of us are overwhelmed by the availability of different tools or new plugins. Increased choices allow us to find better-looking plugins. It also leads to a greater extent of anxiety. So it’s time-consuming for us to look and test every plugin.

Action: If you get the sound that you want on the first plugins, keep using it, and don’t look for more or a better one.

2. Misperceive paralysis – a lot of tutorials around the net teaching what mix is better. If you ignore the ear training or delaying action over-analyzing and keep relying on this information doesn’t help. You can’t perceive what’s the sound output after their tutorials.

Action: train your ears first, learned how to perceive-sound by keep on listening.

3. Mixing rules paralysis – you can’t create a better mix using stock plugins. Following rules like this is the number one why you keep pushing yourself to search for more plugins. Over searching kills your creativity.

Action: get the cleanest mix using two to three stock plugins.

4. Mixdown paralysis – don’t have any clear idea of how to say the mix has done? Mostly newbie mixers without reference mix tracks are the one who suffers they don’t know how to finalize and what they want to do, your ears need a reference mix just like reading a map.

Action: use reference track and copy the mix co-relation on the genre is an open secret on how to get the right mix.


Choice paralysis is not just limited to plugin selections. Users can be paralyzed they are forced to use it too much. Too many choices can prove damaging in mixing decisions because it tends newbie mixers to give up and decide to go away, then eventually leave undecided about their mix. 

So how can we avoid this? The obvious starting point is to reduce the choice, train your ears, insert the reference mix in your tracks, and try to copy at least closer to the mix!

Happy Mixing!

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