The 3 Sure-Fire Ways Toward Effective Mixing

Importance of Ear Training for Effective Mixing

One of the most important senses that you should keep clear especially when mixing music is the ear. Well, not only for the newbie, it’s a no brainer, dapat talaga maging kabisado ito ng pandinig mo. Ang mga tamang frequency ng bawat instrumento at ang dynamic ng bawat isa.

Sabi nga… you have to trust your ears, this only shows that critical listening is very much important. Dahil gamit na gamit talaga ang tenga sa ganitong uri ng industriya, kaya naman kailangan talaga ng mga tenga natin ang tinatawag na muscle memory, praktis sa tenga o Ear Training.

Importance of Ear Training

It improves critical listening.

It can be fundamental to long term success in audio productions, mixing, and recording.

It becomes easier for you to find musical troubles like finding sharp and flat notes.

Easier to find certain problematic frequencies, and you’ll be able to identify the balance between its ranges.

Now, here are the 3 ways and most important ear training tools to make mixing more effective.

For you to hear the real studio-like sound, you need a flat response open-back studio headphone. This will also help you hear the real sound of un-process audio. There are different types of headphones, some can’t produce the right sound in mixing.

There are available for consumer-type listening, mostly plenty of bass like DJ type headphones. It is important to consider the piece of equipment that we will use.

Our ears and the ability to hear every single detail of the elements must be conserved properly. Above these guidelines, our hearing also needs proper rest. Mixing will be more effective if we have clear and rested ears before continuing to listen to the mix.

2. Download Ear Training Softwares

They’re a tool that can generate practice EQ where you can listen and take a short quiz. While listening to that particular sound, this will help you to identify what kind of sound you hear at each frequency. This is downloadable from Harman’s ‘How To Listen‘ free software.

Then take a short quiz and make sure to focus on listening to the frequency that you’re boosting or cutting, focus on what you hear, just keep listening until you get used to it. Your hearing memory develops until you able to notice the result of what you did in the frequencies.

You may download a free DAW application as well, and listen to your reference music as you experiment with the DAW stock EQ plugins. Make sure you turn on and off the bypass button, so you may compare the before and after, every time you boost or cut the frequency.

3. Listen to Professionally Recorded Mix

Listening to professional mixes can help you train your ear what professional mix sounds like until you’re getting used to those kinds of context. And when the time comes that you have to mix your music mas magiging matalas na ang tenga mo sa pandinig.

I recommend listening and visualizing the sound, himayin mo maigi, focus on one element at a time. Memorize the sound, start from the kick drum, followed by the snare, then the hi-hats, bass guitar, and vocal, and so on.

Practice focusing on 2 elements, 3 or 4 elements at a time. Listening at the same time can find out how the frequency relates to each other.

Para sa pagbuo ng de-kalidad na mixing, tenga muna ang sanayin. Dito nagkakaron ng discrepancies ang bawat newbie mixers, they first learn how to use plugins and tools, kahit dipa talaga trained sa kanyang pandinig. Kaya kahit maghapon na sa kapipihit dipa rin ma achieve ang tamang tunog sa mixing.

Kaya kung hindi tamang audio ang lagi mong naririnig maaari itong magkaroon ng impact sa pagbuo ng sarili mong music mix. I recommend watching my video presentation, ang basic… ‘Anong mix ang magandang mix‘, check what steps and how the engineers’ build the mix, and how they did it properly.

Now, if you want to step-up and wear the mixing engineer’s shoes, mayroon tayong downloadable audio track para maka-pag umpisa ka mag practice mixing.

At kung ikaw naman ay hindi ma ka catch-up sa mga topic natin, I invite you to join sa ating bagong private Learn Audio Mixing facebook group. Hanggang sa muli mga kapatid

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