How To Improve Mixing In One Day?

If you think you are decently good in songwriting and music arranging but you can’t get the mix sound pretty solid and not up to par like other mixes, even you follow some mixing tutorials that consist of common practice about EQ, compression, reverb and other mixing techniques, still, you end up looking around the internet for more mixing techniques instead.

To improve all these things, start figuring out by yourself and go deeper, the best way to learn first, is to watch the whole video of ‘The Art of Mixing’ by David Gibson theory, you must watch this and then start practice mixing, followed by practice mixing, and practice mixing until you realize what is working and what is not.

Tips on practice mixing:

1.  Listen to the focal point of music mixes and develop musicality in your ears in different genres.

2. Spend as much time as you can on listening, learn the way your monitors and headphones respond to the professional engineers’ mix.

3. Play it back in a different speaker system, like car stereo, boombox, or Bluetooth speaker, while you’re training your ears in general frequency balance, depth, and space, pay attention from the elements that are upfront, and par back in an overall mixed context.

4. Then prepare your ‘audio practice tracks’ and mix it yourself, load your favorite reference mix the one that you play then mix your track at least closer to the reference mix, don’t worry if the result isn’t perfect the important you learn a lot in the process.

5. Learn how to use EQ to give each instrument its own space in the whole spectrum.

6. Learn how to use compressors to control the dynamic and get the punchy sound.

7. Learn how to use pan and reverb to glue each instrument and make it fits together.

8. Finally, learn the volume automation in context.

Now you can find a lot of tricks online on how to fix this and that, but if you want a complete step by step guide in one place, check this out. Reading this book isn’t going to get you far unless you take the time to try out the things you read.

The practice in mixing is the most important thing to do. Always start with basic inserting track into the template group it by instruments then send it to the Auxes and busses, set up for at least 4 FX, then start enjoying your knowledge and make it sound good! 

If you’re not sure what to do, give me a message, and I will guide it to you!
Happy Mixing!

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