7 Tips How To Learn Audio Mixing

Learn Audio Mixing Tips

If you are looking for free learning of audio mixing to start your audio production, considering that you learned the ear training by yourself. Youtube is the number one source for your mixing journey. But, because of the bunch of video tutorials and teaching on different topics, you are now confused, and you don’t understand how it works to create your flow style of mixing. Either you miss the real value of the said tutorial, or you got to use it in the wrong ways. If you are one of these and not sure about what you do, I have a small piece of advice and information for you!

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4 Classic Reasons Why Mixing Paralysis Exist

newbie mixing paralysis

When I started mixing, the first thing I learn is to prepare a mix template with only EQ and Compressor plugins, knowing that I still a lot of extra plugins in my arsenal, I was so excited to use it and hear it into my mix output.

I started adding plugins and start selecting which one is best to curve the sounds or to fix issues, at first it sounded fine, go along doing that I found myself getting harder to get what I want, every time I add plugins, it took a lot of time until I re-do it again from the start. If you found yourself like this, this blog is for you!

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The 3 Sure-Fire Ways Toward Effective Mixing

Importance of Ear Training for Effective Mixing

One of the most important senses that you should keep clear especially when mixing music is the ear. Well, not only for the newbie, it’s a no brainer, dapat talaga maging kabisado ito ng pandinig mo. Ang mga tamang frequency ng bawat instrumento at ang dynamic ng bawat isa.

Sabi nga… you have to trust your ears, this only shows that critical listening is very much important. Dahil gamit na gamit talaga ang tenga sa ganitong uri ng industriya, kaya naman kailangan talaga ng mga tenga natin ang tinatawag na muscle memory, praktis sa tenga o Ear Training.

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How To Start Mixing As A Hobby

If you are looking for something different this long period of COVID19, and thinking about what you can start, even an interesting, and challenging one, another good option is mixing.

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Paano Ginagamit Ng Tama ang EQ (Part 2)

Understand The Importance Of EQ

3 Important EQ Control
3 Important EQ Control

Isa sa pinaka matandang tool sa history ng recording ay ang EQ, ito rin ang isa sa pinaka gamiting tool ng kahit na sinong mixing engineer o sound designer sa industriya ng audio.

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